Registrations for Ateliers and Morning Garderie open once a term for the following term, see Calendar.

The great majority of ateliers registrations are for one term except some which are year-round clubs, see FAQ.

Before registration opens make sure you created your Family Space, see How to Start.

Please remember that you are not permitted to create multiple Family Spaces.

When registrations open, go on the Schedule page where your child’s name will appear as a button on all the clubs that are available to him/her. To select, just click!


You’ll be able to edit your basket at all times until payment.

Your basket will be automatically emptied if payment has not been received within 10 minutes

Yearly ateliers are paid in three instalments during the registration period of each term.

Once we receive payment through Paypal, your registrations will automatically be confirmed. You will receive an invoice/confirmation by email.

Payments for the Ateliers are done exclusively through Paypal and you do not need to have a Paypal account to use the service.

Please remember no refund will be possible.

Waiting List

We operate a Waiting List system so if you do not get a place in an atelier please send us an email, and we will put your child on the appropriate list. If a place becomes available we will then contact you immediately.

Once the registration period is closed

If there are still places, it is possible to register on request, just contact us.

Please note any registration made outside the registration period will incur a £5 administration fee (waiting list included).

Please kindly note that during the busy period of the registrations, we won’t be able to answer phone calls and texts. If you wish to contact us, please send us an email, and we will respond in order of arrival as promptly as possible.