The Terms & Conditions are the essential rules to be respected so that the activities can take place in a peaceful, happy and safe manner.

By checking the box “I accept the Terms & Conditions” in your Family Space, you declare that you have read and fully accept the conditions set out in this document.

The Terms & Conditions are the essential rules to be respected so that the activities can take place in a peaceful, happy and safe manner.

By checking the box “I accept the Terms & Conditions” in your Family Space, you declare that you have read and fully accept the conditions set out in this document.


  • Ateliers and Morning Garderie are open exclusively to the students of Marie d’Orliac and Fulham Bilingual schools.
  • Ateliers and Morning Garderie are held at the Marie d’Orliac School (Clancarty Road) site throughout the week, except for some sports at South Park.
  • Since Ateliers and Morning Garderie are taking place in the grounds of the school of Marie d’Orliac, the internal rules of the establishment apply. Any new directive issued by the school administration automatically applies to the Ateliers.
  • The calendar of Ateliers and Morning Garderie is based on that of the Lycée, French section.
  • The children attending the clubs come, alone or accompanied by the teachers’ assistant, to the blue playground directly after class. They are assembled by group and then called by the coordinator. We recommend to provide a small snack.
  • Some clubs have age and number limits.
  • The weekly schedule and the price of the Ateliers are available on the website
  • Clubs are conducted by animators/educators, most of whom come from Marie d’Orliac and Holy Cross schools.
  • They design their sessions according to their speciality and are fully responsible for taking care of the needs of their own respective group and making them evolve within the capacities of each one.
  • All comments / feedback is appreciated and may be sent at any time and in confidence to either the Ateliers administrative team at [email protected]; or directly to the trustees on [email protected].com.



  • Children should be respectful to adults and other children of Ateliers and Garderie. Failure to comply with this rule will result in exclusion of the student after a written warning.
  • The parents of children enrolled in the Ateliers and Garderie must report in writing any condition such as allergy, asthma, diabetes… on their family space during registration. If a child has a PAI/Health Care Plan at school, the Ateliers’ qualified staff is authorised to use it.
  • The Ateliers reserve the right to limit access to certain clubs for obvious security reasons. In the absence of this written information, the Ateliers disclaim any responsibility for the possible consequences of the said illness during the activities related to the Ateliers.
  • Like the school, Les Ateliers are NUT FREE. Please make sure to strictly respect this rule when providing your children’s snacks.
  • Parents accept the risks to which their children are exposed when they enrol them in collective or sports activities. They recognize that their child is insured against all risks (those they may cause or be victim of) and that their insurance covers extracurricular activities such as Ateliers.
  • WARNING – Children enrolled in Holy Cross have classes on Wednesday afternoons and therefore cannot participate in the clubs that day.
  • Parents are not allowed to attend Ateliers or stay in the school grounds during Ateliers.
  • Parents can come to the blue playground before the start of the Ateliers but must imperatively signal their presence to the coordinator and leave the school premises before the Ateliers start when the school gate closes.
  • For clubs that involve the mandatory wearing of protection (eg Rollerskate or Skateboard), children who do not have their complete set of protection are not allowed to participate in the session.
  • The equipment lent by the Ateliers (eg guitars) remains the property of the Ateliers. It must be handled carefully and imperatively returned at the end of the term or year.
  • Any clothing or object found after an club or Morning Garderie is placed in the school’s Lost and Found box. We recommend you to label all items (dancewear, judo and karate gi, skate protection, etc …).

Ateliers Registration

  • Parents are informed of registration dates and the list of clubs offered via the website.
  • Registration takes place exclusively online, once a term for the next term or for the year according to the Ateliers.
  • Registration covers the entire term or school year. Registration for one or a few sessions are not accepted.
  • For a registration to be validated, you must:

1. Create your family space (be careful to fill in all the required fields)
2. Choose your Clubs
3. Proceed to payment via PayPal

  • Any information communicated on your “My family space” is considered accurate. The name of the child’s class is essential, please check the level carefully.
  • Payment is by PayPal only. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account, you can fill in the details of your credit card.
  • For Year-round clubs, payment for the second and third terms must be made during the registration period corresponding to these terms. Late payments incur a administrative fee of £5.
  • Boursiers can benefit from one free Atelier or Morning Garderie per child. Tick the “boursier” box in your family space and the most costly item will automatically appear as “free in your basket.
  • Waiting Lists – If you did not get the club you wanted, we have a waiting list system on a “first come, first served” basis. Send us as soon as possible your wishes by email ([email protected]), we will put you on the waiting list of the desired club and will contact you immediately if / when a place becomes available.
  • After the registration period has closed – If there are still places, it is possible to register on request by email at [email protected]. Late registrations incur a administrative fee of £5.
  • Once registration has been validated, NO changes, refunds or vouchers for future terms are possible.


  • Les Ateliers reserve the right to cancel a club in case the quorum is not reached. In that case, parents are informed and can either a) re-register their child at another Atelier where there is space, or b) be reimbursed (via PayPal) of the registration fees for the cancelled club.
  • The cancellation of a club by the parents or a change of school during the year does not give the right to a refund.
  • If you have applied for transfer between the Lycée and Holy Cross and this request is accepted after your child’s registration at a club on Wednesday, there is no refund.
  • Ateliers that take place outdoors normally take place even in light rain (do not forget to equip your child with appropriate clothing). If the weather does not allow the workshop to run safely, the children will go inside with their teacher for a theoretical course, it gives no right to any refund.
  • In the event of force majeure, such as a weather phenomenon or in case of a decision related to the establishment and its operation, it might be decided that Ateliers are cancelled. In these circumstances no refund will be made.

Pick Ups

  • The clubs end at 4:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 2:45pm on Wednesdays. We ask you to pick up your children on time.
  • If you’re late by ten minutes or more you must sign the register.
  • After three delays of more than ten minutes, the family receives a notification of the exclusion with immediate effect of the child, for the remainder of the term and without refund.
  • Children are picked up by parents or authorised persons in the playground of Marie d’Orliac (Gate B). The only exception is Wednesday Football Club which ends at 3pm and where children are picked up directly from the locker room in South Park.
  • Only authorized persons on the family space will be entitled to pick up the child at the end of their club.
  • All pick up authorisations are made directly and exclusively via our website with easy links for you to click on and update your details (not by email).
    1. Exceptional authorisations – indicate the name of the authorised person and the date in “My Space” under “Exceptional authorisation”, the coordinators are informed by email.
    2. Permanent authorisations – a maximum of four people other than parents are allowed.
  • Children in CM1 or CM2 can be authorised to leave alone after their atelier. Please write “ALONE” under exceptional or permanent authorisation if you authorise your child to do so.
  • No child is allowed to leave alone or with a brother/sister under 18 without the express permission of the parents sent to the Ateliers by email ([email protected]).
  • If someone not on the list of authorised persons presents themselves to pick up a child, they must wait for the rest of the group to be picked up and then escorted to the coordinator who calls the parents to establish a way to verify the identity of the said person.


  • If a teacher is absent, he/she is replaced. The club can be modified and no refund is made.
  • Any absence of a child must be reported to the Ateliers team directly and exclusively via our website and not by email.
  • If you decide at the last minute to pick up your child at the end of school, it is necessary to warn the Ateliers on the website and then come to get your child on the blue playground where you have to sign a discharge.
  • Any absence, exceptional or repeated, of a child at the Ateliers does not entitle to any total or partial refund of registration fees.
  • In order not to disrupt the operation of clubs, children are not allowed to leave before the end of the session.


Morning Garderie.   

  • This service allows you to drop your children at school from 7:50 am. Children must arrive between 07:50 and 08:00.
  • The Garderie is supervised by members of the school’s teaching staff.
  • Depending on the weather, children play in the playground or indoors.
  • At 8.15 am, maternelles pupils are accompanied directly to their classrooms; the older ones join their teacher in the playground.
  • Parents are notified of Garderie registration dates via the website.
  • Registrations take place exclusively online, once a term for the following term.
  • The Garderie operates under a single rate system of £ 10/week, billed for the entire term.
  • All registrants pay for the entire term. It is not possible to register for a single day or only for specific dates. Thereafter, families use the service whenever they want.
  • After the registration period has closed – If there are still places, it is possible to register on request by email at [email protected]. Late registrations incur a booking fee of £ 5